Saturday, December 22, 2012

Eleanor Wren

After so much fear for so many weeks sweet Eleanor is finally here.
We made it to the hospital just in time after debating back and forth for quite a while whether I was actually in labor or not. With very little difference from the same old contractions I had had from 24 weeks, we loaded in the car, got up to foothill drive, almost turned around because my contractions slowed from 2 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart and I thought they would send me home again, decided to keep going, got to the hospital (but kept all our stuff in the car because they were probably going to send us home,) and had a baby an hour later. 
I was at a 7 when we got to labor and delivery. Good thing we didn't turn around.
No epidural, no doctor, and lots and lots of nurses and residents later, we had one very blue baby.
They called the resuscitation team in to help her get breathing and get her heart beat at a healthier rate.
She pinked up and started breathing just fine and fell right to sleep.
She never cried.

That has now changed;)

The resident who saved our bums and delivered Eleanor so fast.

First bath

Screen shot of the stopwatch from us timing the contractions. Yuck.

Present Eleanor got Jack as a peace offering.
Good work E

Headed home

Welcome home to me. I love this man SOOOO much!


Hayashi Photography said...

Super sweet story! Glad everything turned out ok. She is beautiful!

cindy said...

Sooooo happy for you all and what a beautiful baby! We look forward to many wonderful photos of your growing family.