Thursday, December 13, 2012

Date Day

There are so many things that make our little family of three so excited to become four!
I am not very excited, however, that this little guy is getting so big and our one on one time is ticking away.
So we went on a date.
We went to the library and rode in the glass elevator
all the way to the top,
and all the way to the bottom.
We went to story time and played in the library "attic".
We went to the store and he got to pick out a new shirt! 
We had been doing a lot of shopping for baby and it was time he got something new too!
He chose a football shirt and loves it.
Then we headed over to the dollar theater to watch Brave.
We were both kind of traumatized by it.
He cried a little at the horrifying bear and I felt awful.
But he made a quick recovery and we headed over to McDonalds for lunch and ice-cream...and of course to play on the "slides".
I love this boy and he is going to be such a good big brother!! 

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