Thursday, September 20, 2012

Wheeler Farm

Jan 2012

true love

I attribute this situation to the bottle of NyQuil sitting on the counter top.
We were still a little sick but I was desperately wanting to go dark again with my hair...
I need to get some girl friends.

Jan 2012

little cotton wood canyon

Well, I feel like we have awesome intentions for date night.
Unfortunately they always seem to involve strange unplanned events.
For example, we were supposed to go to a chalk art festival this night. We read about it online...seemed legitimate. 
We drove up to where we thought it was, and then we drove even farther.
we couldn't find it.
We continued to drive until we were at the top of the ski resort.
It wasn't there either.
We got to the top just in time for the sun to set and decided to replace chalk art with sunset for the time being.
We watched the beautiful sunset and snuggled all together.
We piled back into the car for our second attempt at finding this so calked chalk festival.
We pulled up at the address finally, it was supposed to be going for another 3 hours.
It was dark, all the lights were off in all of the surrounding buildings, but with the car headlights we could see evidence of some chalk.
As we scanned over it with the car headlights it looked like 5 or 6 people had doodled their name, a rainbow, some flowers, etc. 
and that was all. 
NOT a festival.
so we drove to applebee's with our three year old at 10:00 at night instead because we were all starving.
We got some pretty funny looks but those chicken strips have never tasted so good.
Aug 2012.

Future Naked Cowboy

Because I have been having so many contractions with baby girl lately, 
Doug and Erin offered to take Jack for a few days. 
love. them.
I am sore and pretty sick via all of this ugly belly squishing the contractions do
so I am slow...
way too slow for Jack.
The morning we were leaving to take him to Taggarts we apparently weren't fast enough to get him ready. 
I packed his bag (mostly full of blankets and stuffed animals he requested) and M got him some clothes to wear so I sent Jack to get his underwear so we could get him dressed.
I sat down in the chair in our room to rest and about 30 seconds later Jack strutted in wearing underwear, socks, cowboy boots, and pride all over his 3 year old face.
He grabbed his suit case and walked out.


Terri let me tag along to the zoo with them the other day and we had so much fun!

Aug 2012

lamb of god

 I was so blessed to be able to perform in Rob Gardener's Lamb of God this April at the conference center theater.
I sang the part of Mary the mother of Christ and had such a beautiful experience. I loved every second of it...even if I was scared out of my mind to do it.
It was great.
The picture above is me with Rob Gardener.

A few of the soloists.

Some of the med school friends who came to see me...
I had so many fabulous family and friends there but lost most of the pictures when jack dumped water on my phone.

And of course Karen...who we adore!

April 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012


DI tools
Anniversary Pizza
YW back to school activity
stickers + glue + scissors = hours of play

Lindsay Farr is home from her mission in CHINA!!
when your CUTE husband is left with a wife on the couch, he has to fend for himself.
He does laundry.
He doesn't know he needs to change the dryer lint.
This is the 2"thick monster he collected.
250 FREE DIAPERS for being honest!
We ran out of food a little bit. No bread, no milk, no breakfast. Thankfully Erin dropped some peaches off so jack and I spent our mornings snuggled up on the couch every morning for a week with a bowl a peaches, snow (sugar on top), and Grandma and Grandpa Canada hot chocolate.
Date Night!

FIrst day of SCHOOL

My sweet baby boy has graduated to little boy.
His hands aren't so chunky anymore. They don't have dimples.
His shoes are big.
His cheeks aren't chubby.
His sentences are long and his jokes are funny.
He has opinions and gets his feelings hurt.
And he had his first day of preschool.
I hate that and I love that.
He was so excited and it went so well.
He loves Miss Gloria and this social butterfly...
you can't call a boy a social butterfly...
this social caterpillar did so well.