Thursday, September 1, 2011

date night in a jar

we decided to make a date night jar.
It's an old jar from DI that I filled with ideas for cheep (or free), no babysitter needed, unique dates.
now on friday night all we have to do is choose the date for the night and we are set.
no hassle.
that works really well for me right now.

anyway, these are some of the dates that we put in our jar.
i though someone out there might benefit from a few of the ideas but I also wondered if anyone else had any good ones. I will take any help I can get.

Drive-In in the garage: Get blankets, popcorn, etc. and with a lap top or a projector if you have one go to the drive-in in your garage. (this could be done in the backyard, too)
Book Store (or library): browse the store for your favorite books. write funny notes on scratch paper and leave them inside the books for future, unsuspecting readers.

Rent a movie you have never seen before. Set it on mute and improvise dialog.

Wishing: Get a roll of pennies from the bank and go around to all of the fountains in the area and make wishes.

Photo Booth: go to the dollar store and secretly pick out 3 items for the other person to wear. Go to the mall and take pictures in outfits at the photo booth.

Roller Rink: I found out we have a roller rink in Lehi.  (I think that perhaps sequins and spandex would be an excellent choice of attire for this activity.)

Flash light hide and go seek: wait until it is dark and play hide and go seek in your house with flashlights.

With a camera and a pair of books, make a photolog of a day in the life of the invisible man.
Pajama Game: go to walmart or a dollar store and find cheep, ugly, matching pajamas. Put the pajamas on and wear them while you go out to get a movie at redbox, go get dinner, etc. Come home and play board games.

Star Gazing: Put baby to sleep in the car. Drive out to where you can see the stars. Put blankets and pillows on top of the car and look at the stars.

We have the old school sega and mario cart so that is one of our date nights.

Book store: 1. Find the funniest joke. 2. find names for your next 10 children. 3. Find a new hobby to do together some day.

**this one actually does require a babysitter** Fake engagement: Go out to dinner somewhere kind of nice and give hubs the wedding ring. Let him propose and pretend like it is for the first time.

Secret agent night: Go out with everything you need to be a secret agent. Mission Impossible music, a notepad, binoculars. Dress in all black and get in the car. Pick another car on the road and follow it to see where they are going. Don't follow it too long or they will call the cops, though. Not good.

Side walk chalk: walk around the city and draw on things with sidewalk chalk.

Dress like French artists. Go outside to a cafe. Write a book of fiction together. When you get stuck, ask strangers for inspiration.

Psychiatrist Date: put glasses on and dress the part. Ask each other questions to get to know things about each other. We re ask each other the basics like favorite color and favorite foods because those things tend to change after a while.

Word night: eat alphabet soup, do mad libs, and play boggle.