Thursday, November 1, 2007

Anybody addicted to pain killers?

GREAT! I think I'm going to sell mine! Just kidding I really probably shouldn't say that. i don't want to go to jail!

The boob job went GREAT! I have a scar and a nice bruise, but my one sided boob job was a success!

Would you Like to Hear a Good Story? Fabulous!

On the way home from my surgery (which I will post pictures of...the bruise, not my boobies. sick!) I did only one funny thing. I am quite disappointed that my drugged brain didn't come up with anything more brilliant because I didn't even say it OUT LOUD! Oh well, it's all I remember and it's all I've got so here you go my 4 friends who read this blog:

Dad was driving through the canyon on our way home. You have never been in "the canyon"? WELL! Then you have never experienced the road that was engineered to give small children, the elderly, and ME car sickness! I started to complain that my stomach hurt and I felt like puking. My dad leaned up to get a look at my face. Mouth wide open, eyes droopy, head tilted back. I looked like a drug dealer. I had a bandage wrapped around my hand, crushing my fingers together from my IV (however you spell that) that reminded me of a dinosaur hand. My dad commented "You look really green." My mind automatically flipped to the bandage around my hand and I though "that's because I'm a dinosaur." It made perfect sense to me. (refer to dinosaur hands above.)

Well happy Halloween to all of my family and friends (at least the four of you who read this.) Give your kids a kiss for me!