Saturday, November 3, 2012


 We had a fabulous Halloween this year. I made this monster costume for jack. 
Monster/Wild one knew what he was.
Either way, I love it!
It may, however, be my last year making his costume.
He was pretty interested in being spider incredible...anything easy and store bought.
I will have a new baby to make costumes for and torture next year:)

We went to Karen and Ron's neighbors for a hay ride FHE. Jack got to pick out his own pumpkin out of their pumpkin patch. It was the perfect fall evening.
Jack turned said pumpkin into spider man...
well, not true.
Micahel turned Jack's pumpkin into spider man. More on that later.

We had the Stratton family over for a halloween movie night. 
We decorated halloween cookies and watched that Great Pumpkin movie.
None of us had ever seen it before. What's the deal with that about a let down ending. Spoiler alert:
there is no great pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

I really wanted to do some sort of fun Halloween activity with Jack but am extremely limited in how much effort/preparation I can put into cooking, crafting, etc.
So me and my pregnant belly grabbed a package of nasty pre-made sugar cookies from the store.
It was totally on Jack and mine's skill level:
pop the cookie out.
set on cookie sheet.
don't eat. (I added that one after the fact)
We had fun!

Now back to that pumpkin carving.
You will notice that the pictures evolve from Jack daintily handling a spoon inside the pumpkin to him using plastic medical gloves to get the job done.
Not pictured: Jack being too grossed out even with the gloves and giving up moments later.
He resorted instead to begging us to do it for him.
After convincing him to get a few handfuls out we then scooped the seeds out of his pumpkin for him...
and then we carved his pumpkin for him too...
something seems wrong with our parenting technique.

So carving pumpkins wasn't as much fun as expected.

THEN we went to Karen and Ron's ward for trunk or treat.
It turned out to be a perfect way to spend the evening.
We all had colds and Jack was exhausted. I was also so scared that I was going to struggle to keep up with him tick or treating and have to miss it.
This way we got the best of both worlds. I got to be there for trick or treating. Jack didn't catch pneumonia. AND we got lots of candy.