Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

hi new phone

Well the old phone isn't coming back along with all of it's pictures.
But since it's too painful to talk about,
I'll focus on these beauties that were still on instagram.
Behold, the last 6 months of our lives:

Medical School Masquerade Ball.
One of our best dates yet.
We danced for so long and went home when they started kicking us out!

Off to ride bikes

Sledding for the first time.

Happy Lunch

Jack and Bailey playing on the LAST day of finals of 1st year!! YAY!


snow clothes in June...obviously!

Sick day

Jack's survival pack for our Germany trip. A toy and a picture for every day we were gone.

Swimming at Seven Peaks

Dad time

Movie in the park.

Saving on father's day!

Nursery bite!

Getting ready for baby GIRL!

Nerd Party in honor of the first day of SECOND YEAR!

and a little dress up in the costumes I made for the girls for girls camp

The. End.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Scott Family Reunion

 The Scott family reunion was too much fun!
We played mini golf

Hanging outside in the hall after babies fall asleep.
 Talents Show

 Movie Night

 and just in case you couldn't see this face well enough.
and some landscape shots along the way