Sunday, February 3, 2013

First Day of Primary

This little stud  has started primary. 
I can't believe it. My heart aches for the time to go by slower.
Somehow it just keeps on getting faster.
He has one other little boy in primary with him and he loves his teachers.

Fox Slippers

I made these slippers for my little man. I made up the pattern and was a little nervous that they wouldn't turn out. He can't stop telling me how much he loves them so...
take that spiderman slippers that he really wanted and we couldn't afford!

last few months in instagram

She has a big brother. Don't worry, it's fake. He just left it behind after giving her kisses.

little something for the mail man.
puzzling puzzlers
jack taking his friends for a ride in the school bus.
nappy nappy. teddy bear brought to you by jack.
zonked after a photo shoot

Can't pick up E because of the drugs I'm on with my kidney infection so we are snuggled in bed with our slippers on.