Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kelsey's Wedding

The best part about getting married before all of your other friends?
You get to be there to see your best friend be sealed to the love of her life.
Maybe it's the pregnancy or maybe it's the fact that I have been so close to her since I was in diapers...
either way I cried like a baby.
I am so happy for her and the look on David's face was to die for. He loves her and nothing makes me happier.

The best part about being a photographer?
I get to spend more time with the bride and groom throughout the day than anyone else!
It's way better than being a bridesmaid.
I loved being able to spend the day with them.

The wedding was in Colorado so I stayed with Liggetts.
It was such a party!!
Anna and her sweet baby were there and Doree got there a day later.
We stayed up until 2 AM chatting and catching up...
just like we had so many times before.
We got to have breakfast the next day with Camille and it was so much fun...
and somehow I DIDN'T GET ANY PICTURES!!!!
kick kick kick!
I love these people and they are just as much my family as my blood family is.
I'm so blessed to have them.

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