Thursday, September 20, 2012

Future Naked Cowboy

Because I have been having so many contractions with baby girl lately, 
Doug and Erin offered to take Jack for a few days. 
love. them.
I am sore and pretty sick via all of this ugly belly squishing the contractions do
so I am slow...
way too slow for Jack.
The morning we were leaving to take him to Taggarts we apparently weren't fast enough to get him ready. 
I packed his bag (mostly full of blankets and stuffed animals he requested) and M got him some clothes to wear so I sent Jack to get his underwear so we could get him dressed.
I sat down in the chair in our room to rest and about 30 seconds later Jack strutted in wearing underwear, socks, cowboy boots, and pride all over his 3 year old face.
He grabbed his suit case and walked out.

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