Thursday, September 13, 2012


How I have rubbed off on HIM:

1. Went from a free spirit to a check listing, calendar organizing, color coding HER.
2. Delights in eating apple slices on his tuna sandwiches.
3. Has become a master DI shopper...learning from the best and getting twitchy on saturday mornings before getting his thrifting fix.
4. Knows that the question "Are you thirsty?" means go get HER a drink of water.
5. Learns pinteresting things on a regular basis.
6. Drives him crazy when people chew with their mouth it should!
7. Knows what a reflector is, what it does, how to use it, knows the good lenses and the not so good lenses, THINKS he can spot a really good photo location, and carries camera equipment like a boss.

How he has rubbed off on HER:

1. Now paranoid all clean clothes stink because HE can't fold one piece of clothing without intensely smelling each article.
2. Has an impressive collection of pairless socks from HIS feet.
3. Asks "where are you going?" with a touch of panic in her voice any time HE gets more than 5 feet away from her at home...which is only a few minutes every day in her defense.
4. Flinches at the word "STUDY"
5. Political news junky.
6. Currently working on memorizing (trying to sound out) charts HE studies in the shower.
7. Can't see out of the car because HE recently discovered how to change all the mirror and seat settings to his height.

Michael planned the sweetest night...
it was seriously so dreamy and 
so. needed.
I love this man to the very core.
He took me to the capitol building where he had set up lots of food for his pregnant wife on a table with candles and flowers.
The second best part: we just sat and laughed together.
Then we laid out a blanket and sat and chatted some more all snuggled up. 
The best part: after it got dark he had dancing set up for us.
The view was beautiful and we had so much fun...even if it is kind of hard dancing when one of you has a huge belly in the way.
oops...maybe next year.

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