Sunday, April 1, 2012


 Would you believe it if I told you that I just purchased my very first BIKE?
Isn't it so cute!?
See, there are six siblings in my family...I'm number 6.
We had plenty of bikes hanging around so I just used hand me downs.
I learned to ride a bike on a purple banana seat bike from the 80s.
(it may be cool now, but trust me, back then it was. not.)
It was too big for me so once I was on the thing, I was great, but getting on and off was terrifying.
I had to stand on the curb and put the bike on the road so I could get on it and then hurry and pedal away before my tire hit the curb and I fell.
Getting off was worse.
Then when I finally outgrew that one, I had to ride my brother Patrick's bike.
which was a boy bike.
and lime green.
That was just asking the neighborhood kids to beat me up.
We had a hill by our house so I used to ride up the hill and then cruise down as fast as I could, riding the break the whole way down. I figured I would eventually wear the breaks out and they would HAVE to buy me a new bike.
After all, it was a matter of my safety.
Well, that bike must have been made of some type of military rubber because it never even came CLOSE to wearing out.
It made me tough.
Now I have a bright red girl bike.
So mike played hooky for a day, we went for a bike ride in liberty park and had a picnic.
I wouldn't say that it was a perfect day...except for that it WAS!
At least as close as it gets.
You need a day like that every once in a while to get you back on your feet.
It was lovely.

And I saw this girl and thought she was dancing...
I got it now.


C & S said...

I'm in Love! That's the kind of bike I wanted, but Colt was convinced I needed a more "durable" one. whatever. It's so CUTE, especially with you on it, my dear. I heart bike rides...

courtney said...

cute bike! and actually, i think ryan might have learned to ride on the purple one too - and he is the first of six - so does that make you feel better? ;)

ps - can you change/remove the "prove you are not a robot" security system?

tubilinha tiacarminha said...

Belos passeios,eu amo andar de bicicletas,além do exercício é ecológico.Passei para desejar FELIZ PÁSCOA!

Brady and Whitney said...

your bike is so so cute and your hair is getting so long!! You look beautiful! What kind of bike thing is jack on? I love those, but i have no idea what they are called!