Tuesday, April 3, 2012

jazz game

Why is it that I can't take normal pictures?
I know you are thinking I am talking about jack. I probably should be, but I'm not.
I'm talking about "super concentrated face" on the left.
 I have it in every picture because I'm holding my arm out straight with an SLR trying to take a picture and look SO HAPPY at the same time.
 hooray for new phone with camera on it. 
bless, bless, bless, you.

These pictures are of us at a jazz game last weekend.
We have some lovely friends who gave us a few extra tickets and we got to take jack...
He thought it was the best...including the dancers:(
i'm in for it.
He made BFFs with the people sitting next to us and ate most of their popcorn.
Luckily he's cute so they thought it was charming.
Love him!

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