Friday, March 9, 2012

Birthday Boy

We had a birthday boy in our house last week!!!
I had so many plans for spoiling him rotten but just about every one of them fell through and at the end of the day I think we had mostly just tortured him rotten.
It was amusing how things kept falling through.

But snow (which there was plenty of) or shine, we had fun celebrating this amazing person we are blessed to look at every day.

And there is so much to celebrate. 
We really would sink without least I would.
It has been so much fun (most of the time) watching you fill the shoes of a medical student.
Hearing you express simple gratitude for just being able to be a doctor and watching you become this well of strange medical terms and diseases.

I am so thankful for the pages of this marriage that I get to turn over ever day. With more to learn about you and discover with you. We are so glad to have you and I love you.

Happy Birthday

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