Thursday, March 8, 2012

 I couldn't decide which one of these I liked more so I decided both would get added.
The other one is at the bottom.
This picture says lots and lots to me.
It was an image that I took and immediately saw so much of my marriage and the way I see my Mikey.
I love it when my images show that much to me. 

well, a little outing to st. george was in store because this last week was spring break for mike.
I was so spoiled to have him home!

i took a lot of pictures while we were there because it was rainy and cold quite a bit.
 we went to this amazing natural hot springs outside of filmore.
It was SO warm which was perfect until we realized we forgot towels and it was SO not warm outside.

 jack fell while I was getting BANGS on our way there and smashed up his little face.
(note the blue lips. these were taken post no towel hot spring incident)

 molly. the dinosaur that hangs from the mirror in the car and reminds me to be brave.
jack asleep, stuffed animals lined up next to him and books close by. love this view.

 jack: rocking the sun glasses and picking up rocks like a pro.


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mackenzie said...

Sad Jack hope his face gets better quick! I wanna see a picture of your new bangs- fun adventure. And, last but definitely not least, I love the lovey dovey pics...its like the beautiful magic love that every married couple should have :)