Wednesday, July 13, 2011

jack is TWO.

gift bags and frame.
it said:
"please grab some cookies to take home and eat.
Thank you, thank you for making my second birthday so sweet."

it is NOT easy taking a picture with jack

his "cake"
chocolate bowls, ice cream and sprinkles

blowing out his candle


no, that's not punch.
that is the bubble station.
the green stuff is the bubbles that I made 
and the cans had bubble wands and water guns in them.


and we made this slip and slide with the pvc pipe sprinkler.
the tutorial to make it is here.

a thunder storm rolled in and everyone got really cold.

 love you love you
my sweet baby boy!
I hope two years old is blissfully mischievous for you.


Nicole said...

Such a cute party! You are so cute and creative, wish I was like that! Sounds like it was a great birthday for Jack!

Bon Bon said...

He is such an adorable birthday boy:-) Great party! xoxo

Doree said...

Kenzie, I love that you update your blog so frequently! I always want to comment on how cute lil' Jack is, but I must say, you are one cute mama! What a perfect little fam you have. Love you and miss you LOTS!

kylee said...

in love with the chocolte bowl idea!

courtney said...

i love the slip and slide! and i love how all the cousins are super engrossed in the spider-man book. happy birthday jackers!