Monday, July 18, 2011

fake camping, real hiking


tin foil dinners in the oven

camping in the backyard
p.s. can I just brag that I found this tent at DI?? i love it.


Lindsey said...

CUTEST PICTURES EVER! I love you and your little family and I'm very jealous of your tent :) xo

tara said...

oh. my. goodness. your family just keeps getting cuter and cuter!! i absolutely love when you post new stuff on your blog. =]

{Alynn} said...

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(Louis sends his greetings to JackJack! "It's a message.")

We've been doing a little fake camping of our own! Wish we could do it together.... miss you guys! Glad to see you haven't changed (that's a good lookin' tent ya got there). Let us know when you come visit the 'burg!

Anna said...

That Jack is too dang good lookin'

Alex said...

these pictures are great! love them!