Tuesday, July 12, 2011


we started off our fourth of July weekend staying up at the tag's cabin.
jack wasn't extra fond of the horses that dared to get closer than about three feet of him.
they were feeling mighty friendly.



then we headed to the huntsville parade.
jack wasn't very fond of his parents who tried to get within three feet of him.


we went for a hike behind the tag's cabin

roasted hot dogs in our fire pit in the back yard.

this picture is more than I could ever hope for.
check out michaels face.
he was playing frisby believe it or not.
was he trying to catch with his mouth?

and we ended with the fireworks at Liberty.



Nicole said...

great pics. love them all. looks like a lot of fun.

Yo Momma Lindsey said...

funniest post ever

kylee said...

yep great pics indeed. that last one is all sorts of amazing.

{Alynn} said...

You managed THE perfect 4th of July... your picts made it look magical!

...Even though when I read "fourth" I thought you were annoucing the fourth family member and I got super excited, prematurly. Tease.

mckenzie said...

hahaha Oh Alynn, when number 4 comes, you will be the FIRST one to know!!!!!!

courtney said...

fun! just like the exact OPPOSITE of our fourth of july. also, i love alynn's comment. ha!

ps - alynn is going to be the FIRST to know?