Thursday, October 25, 2007

Doctors Offices are like Strip Clubs

Of course I know absolutely nothing about strip clubs (except "The Paper Tiger" in Colorado where Courtney used to work...) but now I feel like I have a pretty good idea. The past few weeks I have found myself frequently standing face to face with a doctor who feels perfectly wonderful telling me to strip down and get in some skimpy, see through, "gown". I challenge this pervert with a dark glare, but they always ignore me and "step out" for a moment while I TRY to change in the 2.5 seconds that they give me before coming right back in. This gives me just enough time to be inappropriately exposed to the poor witnesses in the hallway. I thought strippers where supposed to get tips! WHERE IS MY TIP Mr. DOCTOR?? Medical school is for sickos!

1 comment:

Courtney said...

billy - thanks for exposing my paper tiger secret! maybe your doctor used to work there too? doctors are just so used to seeing everyones parts...i don't think they care if the person wandering by the door gets a peek. they are pretty sick. heart you!