Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I am Anita Stansfield

This is my being a softy:
"The clouds carried proof of a routine fall day turning winter: cold and wet. The road was the same as always, was leading the same place as always and my mind did not look for ways to excite it. Rain began to beat down on the dead grey pavement, convincing it to surrender until this manmade dirt transformed into a glittering pathway. A small amount of sunlight reflected the captivating land that beamed with gilded delight. I chased the sparks of light that beckoned me to follow as they danced and jumped excitedly in front of me. The thickening darkness wrapped around my amusement, shutting out all reality and allowing my mind to dip into the color pulsating brilliantly. All early morning brightness hid (knowing that its effect would only end a cloudy day’s performance) besides the occasional lighting bolt that would thrill the dancing sparks ahead of me and cloud my consciousness until I was once again persuaded to continue. Wisdom in the ancient trees lining my pathway dropped vividly yellow fall leaves accenting the black pavement like rose pedals marking the path of royalty. "

My little valley
* don't worry. It still isn't as good as COLORADO!


Courtney said...

rocky mountain high!
ps - go rockies! xoxo c

Yo Momma said...

Did you write that?? It's good... almost too good.

I'm so happy you got a blog!

Camille said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I should show you my view- which would include my weird neighbors all hanging out on their porch- on a couch...