Saturday, December 22, 2012


Pregnancy and I have a love hate relationship.
While I thank my Heavenly Father every day (especially with this pregnancy) for the blessing of feeling  each baby kick and roll, I just really wish those kicks weren't in my ribs:) I feel extremely honored to have the privilege of carrying a child of God, of being a part of creating a beautiful human being that will share it's amazing personality and gifts with me for those 9 months and the rest of it's life.
And then I go throw up.
Again and again and again.

Love hate. 

Which is why I love these first two pictures. 
The silhouette is beautiful and touching. But if you could actually see me this day, you would know that I had deep purple circles under my eyes from trying to sleep through contractions. I hadn't showered because the medicine they had me on made my hair fall out. I felt sick because the third trimester brought more morning sickness with it. And I was kind of miserable.

But that's okay because now that beautiful small person is here.
She is safe.
She is loved.
And she will grow and do amazing things, create an amazing story of her own, and I will get to watch.

Every Saturday morning.
10:00 AM opening sugar house DI.

Jack trying to get breakfast while I was upstairs sick.
A medicine dropper into the orange to get orange juice.
The kid's not dumb.
I hadn't seen M in what felt like weeks. Grocery shopping needed to be done so I hopped my bed rested bum onto the Walmart jazzy and away we went! 
true. love.
date night JUST in time. cheesecake factory the night before E was born.

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Natasha said...

Congratulations on the baby!!!!
So happy for you guys!!!!!
I heard you weren't doing well these days being sick.... Hope you're feeling much better now!!!