Tuesday, October 9, 2012

three year pictures

Jack Jack turned three.
Technically he turned three a while ago...but just a little while a go.
Either way we decided it was time to get these pictures done before our mild Fall turned to Winter and our three year pictures were actually our three years and 11 months pictures.
Since taking pictures was a little more than my pregnant self was ready to take on,
we pulled out a lawn chair, plopped me on it, and had Michael keep jack in the general area I needed him.
We snapped snapped away for a few minutes and came up with these beauties.
Can this kid make some awesome faces or what?
I love him!



Joci said...

Oh! OH!OOooH! You are all quite scrumptious. I do declare. I cannot wait to see what that little girl looks like. Good work!

Natasha said...

He's SO SO SO adorable!!!!!!
And he looks sooooo much like both of you =)))))
Great great shots!!!!!
By the way, what lense did you use for these shots???

Matt and Nicole said...

Great pictures! Jack is so cute and does have great faces haha I love the picture of him kissing your belly. Your little family is so cute!

Anna said...

If I could die of cuteness overload...
He is such a cute model! Not just cute, drop dead handsome! Love you guys!