Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 3

 Happy Birthday my crazy love.

We took jack to the dinosaur park first for his birthday.
He loved this soooo much.
He would run a few feet down one path and then dart back towards another.
He was so excited he couldn't decide which way to go.
He didn't like the fake dinosaur noises they had playing from "the dinosaur in the box" (aka, the speaker) because they scared him.
Other than that he was in three year old heaven.

 After the dinosaur park we drove down the road for cake with cousins and family.
This kid loves nothing more than a good party.
We ordered the cake from our downtown wal-mart (doing anything at that wal-mart is a bad idea)
and the poor lady who took my order didn't speak english.
I wrote on my order form for them to write:
"Happy Third Birthday Jack!" on the cake.
They wrote:
"Happy Birthday Third Jacki"
Jack #1 and #2 you're out of luck.
We thought it was hilarious and they gave us a discount so I wasn't crying.
jack can't read...

Then I decorated with the "dirt" "dinosaur eggs" and dinosaurs.

He wore the dinosaur tail I made him last year while he played and he looked so cute!

We blew out candles

 Played, and opened presents.
 My favorite was perhaps the apricot wrapped in a piece of paper from cousin Robby.
I die at this picture.

Jack Finch:
you are strong and determined when you want to be.
you talk better than some adults I know and make us laugh all the time.
you are sweet and snugly occasionally which makes it an extra big treat.
you are proud of yourself (which I love)
you are creative
and you are spiritual and have a passion for the gospel.
I love you.
Happy being three.


Mike said...

This post made my year! Best 3-year old ever. -And best wife for making the memories last.

Anonymous said...

Wow it looks like Jack had a pretty great birthday! I cannot believe he is that old already. You're such a good Mom, all your party stuff is so cute! Laughing SO hard over that cake. I LOVE it!

{Alynn} said...

Love! Can't wait to squeeze that great big boy of yours!