Monday, February 20, 2012

we'll always have Hunter Douglas

So we had, what I at first, lovingly labeled the date from H***.

Expectation: Drive out to remote location, lay on top of car and look at stars bundled in blankets and drinking hot cocoa.
Reality: Lay on top of car in Hunter Douglas Parking lot in West valley to look at clouds.

We headed out and realized it was cloudy. Somehow neither of us remembered that clouds were a key detail of star gazing. Decided we didn't care, lowered our expectations significantly and kept on going. Got lost and ended up in Tooele...??? Could find NO WHERE to stop in Tooele....??? We started to worry because our gas gauge is broken and only has two settings: full and empty. We turned around to go get gas and realized we had no money with us...??? Crossed our fingers and started home. We pulled off at Saltaire but the roads were closed and Saltaire is CREEPY at night so that was a bust. After several stops on several different exits that had zero options for star gazing except in people's driveways, we had reached the city again. So, once again, we lowered expectations significantly and found this Hunter Douglas parking lot. We hopped out and snuggled up, laughed our heads off harder than we had in a long time, and left because it started to rain.


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